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LPS meetings are held on the First Monday of each month at
7PM at the Garfield Center for the Arts at the Prince Theatre



The Live Playwrights’ Society: For Play Writers, Readers, Observers & Critics aims to foster a community of playwrights, actors and critics.


To set the tone, we begin the evening with a reading from an established play and a brief discussion of that play. We then take turns having our own works read. After each reading there is a period of discussion and constructive criticism intended to help the playwright refine his or her piece.

For Playwrights:

So that we can have the opportunity to hear a variety of works at each meeting, we limit each reading to approximately 10 minutes. You must email us to get on the schedule for the next meeting.

We hope that all playwrights will be comfortable with hearing a critique after the reading of his or her play. However, if you are new to this and really, really, don’t want a critique you get one free pass. Let us know when you email us.

You will need to bring a copy of your script for each reading part, plus one more for a reader of stage directions, plus one more for yourself. It is also a good idea to bring a brief, taut description for each Reader’s character (e.g. “Jebodiah is a Brooding Artist trapped in the body of a Unicycling Circus Clown”)

You will also need to bring a printed list of 1 to 3 questions about your piece which you might like discussed during the critique.

For Readers:

Being a reader could lead you to acting, or improve your feel for the structure of plays, or just be a blast! You should email us so that we’ll know how many readers we’ll have available for the next meeting.

For Observers:

Being an observer means exactly that. Just hanging out enjoying a beverage and listening to the plays being read. And it will most likely lead you to being a Writer, Reader or Critic next time. No need to email us, just show up ready to listen and have fun.

For Critics:

Bring your most constructive critical listening and reading skills. Help a playwright on his or her road to creating a successful play! But, please don’t show up in the mood to be a mean spirited critic. We must warn you that we have trained staff who will follow you to your job and critique you mercilessly…

Keep in touch:

We have two e-mail lists. One for announcements (very low traffic), and one for discussion (higher traffic, meant to provide an easy way for us to discuss the plays we have worked on etc).



Information on how to format a play: or

Here are books on playwriting recommended by a member of the LPS:

"The Elements of Playwriting," by Louis Catrone (Amazon)

"I took a playwriting class and I remember that the book we used was, I thought, pretty good. It tended to present its ideas and lessons from a very practical point of view without getting too caught up on thematic or philosophical ideas. It also, if I remember correctly, gives exercises to demonstrate what it's trying to teach you." - Steve A.

"Playwriting Master Class: The Personality of Process and the Art of Rewriting" by Michael Wright (Amazon)

"Several playwrights are given the same premise about which to write a short play. They then take you through the process, from inspiration, through rough drafts to the finished project. Not a how-to book, but very insightful and inspirational." - Diane L.

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