Information on how to format a play:

Here are books on playwriting recommended by a member of the LPS:
“The Elements of Playwriting,” by Louis Catrone (Amazon)

I took a playwriting class and I remember that the book we used was, I thought, pretty good. It tended to present its ideas and lessons from a very practical point of view without getting too caught up on thematic or philosophical ideas. It also, if I remember correctly, gives exercises to demonstrate what it’s trying to teach you.” – Steve A.

“Playwriting Master Class: The Personality of Process and the Art of Rewriting” by Michael Wright (Amazon)

Several playwrights are given the same premise about which to write a short play. They then take you through the process, from inspiration, through rough drafts to the finished project. Not a how-to book, but very insightful and inspirational.” – Diane L.